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Domestic and foreign trade business introduction

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Domestic and foreign trade business introduction

Zhenjiang International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. has been engaged in import and export and international business business for more than 20 years, and has business contacts with more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The company and our country's foreign embassies (collars), The Commerce Department established a long-term liaison mechanism and supporting service cooperation. It has extensive coordination with foreign local market environment and business channels. The company has a sound organizational structure, standardized management model, high-quality professional international trade and business team, in addition to English talent, but also has Japanese, German, Russian, French and other foreign language employees, is the most small language talents team in Zhenjiang City Business. At the same time, numerous manufacturing factories in Zhenjiang have a good and stable cooperation relationship with us, and regard our professional team as their own import and export department or employees working together in cooperation. We cooperate with Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Bank of China, Bank of Jiangsu, Alibaba, Bureau Veritas Certification and other organizations to provide you with:
★One-stop service for product export, including translation from foreign languages, overseas exhibitions, development of customers, obtaining orders, customs clearance, logistics, foreign exchange collection, tax rebates, financing loans, tax consultants, and technology research and development.
Choosing our professional cooperation will solve your business with a range of risks and difficulties:
1, there is no professional foreign trade talent, he can not directly export products, narrow profit margins
2, hire a higher level of foreign trade sales and financial personnel costs higher
3, the moral hazard of employees is difficult to prevent, mature salesmen quit and run orders are frequent
4, the customer's payment terms are harsh, credit is not high, companies can not accept export orders
5, received orders, lack of liquidity, can not organize production, delivery
6, can not obtain export tax rebates in time, it is difficult to financing from the bank, the cost of capital pressure
7. It is difficult to obtain government subsidies for export companies' technology and market development.
★ Import agent
Import agents are domestic manufacturers (consignors) who have the need for imported goods from abroad. They have not obtained foreign trade self-operation import and export operation rights or have obtained foreign trade import and export operation rights but have no professional foreign trade business team and perfect management system. The professional import and export company (consignee), under the terms of payment accepted by both parties, is responsible for the full authority of the trustee to handle the import of foreign goods to the entrusting party.
We provide value-added services for the import of your instruments, equipment and raw materials:
1. Fully outsourced -> Customers do not need to import qualifications and any professionals, enterprises have the lowest burden, one-stop trade outsourcing services, provide all necessary for import, including licensing, pre-inspection, customs clearance, logistics, payment, verification, etc. Item service.
2, the best effect ---> use of our various advantages of resources, professional services to ensure the smoothness of the import of all aspects, to avoid regulatory risks and business risks, timely and efficient completion of the entire process.
3, the lowest cost --> Scientific arrangements for customs clearance, reasonable tax avoidance. Maximize the integration of imported service resources, professionally arrange settlement time and methods, plan for controlling exchange rate change costs, reduce inspection fees and storage costs for lagging ports, and minimize various expenditure costs.
4. Service value-added --> Provides product marketing, financial and taxation planning proposals, agency visas, and business arrangements, and expands upstream and downstream cooperation resources. Provide policy advice and seek relevant subsidies.