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Zhenjiang International's core values


Zhenjiang International's core values

Zhenjiang International's Core Values: Pursuing Excellence and Harmonious Development
No matter in the field of engineering contracting, foreign labor service or international trade, we are always striving for excellence and striving to be first class in the industry both in business development and in corporate management. To promote the coordinated development of business and management between different industries. At the same time as the development of the enterprise, taking into account the value of employees and the realization of social benefits, the company will develop steadily and harmoniously.
Zhenjiang International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. Enterprise tenet: Create value for owners, create wealth for employees, and create benefits for society
Companies need to create more benefits and value, which is the basis for the survival of the company. To enable employees to enjoy the benefits of the development of the enterprise, to realize the employees' self-worth and dream in the development of the enterprise, this is the basis for the development of the enterprise. Enterprises should conduct business in good faith, pay taxes according to the regulations, and actively participate in social charities, and be a qualified corporate citizen.
As a corporate citizen with a sense of historical responsibility and mission, Zhenjiang International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. has been creating employment opportunities for the region for more than 25 years. It has raised the income of residents and actively paid taxes. It has been recognized and praised by the local government and the society. The company has always paid close attention to charity and made its own contribution to the development of social welfare.
While Zhenjiang International is developing rapidly, it does not forget to use the results of development to give back to society. The company actively contributes to individuals or charities in the region and contributes to social charity.