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Zhenjiang International 2017 annual overseas engineering winter conference and 2017 annual summary conference successfully held


Zhenjiang International 2017 annual overseas engineering winter conference and 2017 annual summary conference successfully held

From February 1 to February 3, 2018, the company's "2017 Annual Overseas Project Winter Meeting" was successfully held in the conference room of the company's 19th floor multi-purpose hall. Chairman of the board of directors Li Hongbao, General Manager Chen Jiahui, Director Xu Jianguo, Deputy General Manager Yang Donglin, Tao Zhixiang, Chief Engineer Huang Kewu, Chief Assistant Guo Feng, Head of Overseas Projects Department, and heads of company departments attended the meeting.
The conference focused on the theme of “multi-source management, system management, and promotion of transformation,” and the meeting was first reported by the project departments on the completion of the 2017 project target responsibility statement, and on the company’s performance management program, bidding work, Overseas social project development and labor cost control were fully exchanged and discussed. During the meeting, the company’s Party branch and office took the opportunity of returning foreign personnel to China to organize party members’ activities (visiting the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall) and ERP training, and achieved good results.
On the morning of February 5, 2018, the company's 2017 summary conference was held in the multi-functional hall on the 19th floor. The heads of the company's departments and overseas project managers successively performed their debriefings. The company's general manager Chen Jiahui announced the 2018 annual mid-level hiring of the company. The list summarizes the major achievements and major work carried out by the company in 2017, analyzes the problems existing in the work, proposes solutions, and makes arrangements for the work in 2018.
At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the company, Li Hongbao, stated that in 2017, after the joint efforts of all the staff of the company, the company completed the task of indicators formulated at the beginning of the year. The continuous and steady growth of the company's efficiency year after year cannot be separated from everyone's efforts and efforts. We thank all employees, especially overseas employees. At the same time, the chairman conducted an in-depth analysis of the difficulties and problems in the company's current development and put forward hopes and expectations for the follow-up work.
Chairman of the call, 2018 is a key year for the company's transformation and upgrading and scale increase. The company will continue to upgrade the company through internal mechanism reforms, including increasing the management team, enriching the professional and technical personnel, and improving the performance appraisal mechanism. Core competitiveness to meet the company's development needs. It is hoped that all employees of the company will gather their energy and strive for progress, striving for common goals.