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Chairman of the company Li Hongbao visited the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom


Chairman of the company Li Hongbao visited the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom

On January 18, 2018, Li Hongbao, chairman of the company that was inspecting the UK project department, paid a visit to the Chinese embassy in the United States, and actively sought the support of businesses and the development of the British market. Conducted the talks.
Mr. Li Hongbao first introduced the development history of our company, and then made a detailed report on the current business types, business characteristics, and the company’s overseas locations, and hoped to have the support of the business consultancy. Give play to our company's tradition and existing advantages, and use the opportunity of the “Belt and Road” initiative to continuously develop the UK market.
Jin Xu Counsellor welcomed the arrival of Chairman Li Hongbao. He explained that since the Chinese State President Xi Jinping’s historic state visit to Britain in late October 2015, the orientation of the global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century marked by the “Golden Age” is pushing Sino-British relations to bilateral relations. New heights of history. In recent years, more than 500 Chinese companies have settled in the UK, and China's direct investment in British-African financial products reached 17.8 billion U.S. dollars, covering high-end manufacturing, financial industries, infrastructure, brand networks, R&D centers, and hotel real estate. He welcomed our company to join the British-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and encouraged us to take the opportunity of the “Belt and Road” initiative to explore new channels for the development of the company and stated that the business consultancy will provide support and assistance for the development of our company in the UK.