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UK Biomass Power Station Wants to Find Chinese Investors

Business Scope

UK Biomass Power Station Wants to Find Chinese Investors

A planned biomass power plant in the UK is interested in finding a partner. The power station uses renewable energy to provide combined heat and electricity, and is expected to operate for 25 years. After the power station is completed and connected to the grid, the annual power generation capacity is 40 megawatts, which can be used by 62,000 to 68,000 users. The annual carbon dioxide emission reduction will be 120,000 tons. The power station is located in a transportation hub area and is easily transported. At present, the project management intends to seek 40 million to 50 million pounds of investors. The project is expected to have an IRR of 20%.
The power station uses rapeseed, grain straw, purple mango, sawdust and other materials to generate electricity. The main raw material supply comes from the farm cooperative organization in the region, which has 8,000 member farmers. The power station operator will sign a long-term supply contract with the farm cooperative organization to ensure adequate supply of the required raw materials. The grey matter produced by burning raw materials will be returned to the local farm for use as fertilizer.
    The power station is strategically located near major economic development areas and major residential developments planned by the government. A 30-hectare surrounding area is an industrial development zone for the development of commercial and light industries. It is estimated that by 2026, the electricity demand in the industrial zone will reach 18 to 22 MVA. At the same time, a number of outdated power stations will be shut down in the near future, and the existing power supply will not be able to meet the requirements of development. The newly-built power station will solve this problem and greatly promote the development of business and light industry in the surrounding areas. In addition, there is a test racing track near the power station, which was rebuilt by the Royal Air Force Base during World War II. Due to the limited development of the existing power facilities, the power station can obtain sufficient and stable energy supply after the power station is completed. In addition, the steam and heat generated during the power generation process can also be sold to the heating systems of surrounding companies and homes.
    In the UK, renewable energy projects enjoy government subsidies. The project will receive a government subsidy for renewable energy obligations of £61.07 per megawatt-hour of electricity generation. In addition, since the project is combined with electricity and heat, it will also receive 0.5 renewable energy per megawatt-hour permissible license. Permits for additional subsidies.
Main structure of power station:
Turbine and boiler room (area 2356.68 m2, 30 m high)
Two wheat stalks and purple mango material warehouses (each building is 3530 square meters, 17.6 meters high)
A sawdust storage room (630 square meters, height 17.6 meters)
An outdoor haystack (height 60 meters)
An air condensing engine room (2034 square meters in area and 20 meters in height)
Project schedule
January 2012 Submitting a project planning permit application
March 2012 Submission of Environmental Permit Application
June 2012 Planning Approval Approved
September 2012 It is expected that the environmental permit will be approved
Spring 2013 Construction begins
Construction is expected to last two and a half years
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