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Russian economic and trade information

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Russian economic and trade information

1. Russia's Ulyanovsk Port-type Special Economic Zone faces investment from Jiangsu. The Special Economic Zone is a special economic zone approved for construction in December 2009. It is located at the Oriental International Airport in Ulyanovsk, the capital of Ulyanovsk Region, and is only 10 kilometers away from the city center and more than 900 kilometers from the city of Moscow. The geographic area with a radius of radiation of 1,500 km has a population of 112 million, which accounts for about 80% of the population of Russia (the population of Ulyanovsk is about 1.3 million, and the population of Ulyanovsk is about 600,000). The total construction area of ​​the SAR is 64 hectares, and the initial construction area is 12 hectares. The Russian government plans to allocate 1 billion rubles for infrastructure construction. At present, the initial “three links and one leveling” infrastructure construction is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. The main advantages are shown in the following aspects: (1) Air transport facilities are developed. Russia’s largest transport aircraft, the 124-100, is assembled in the state, and the state’s Eastern International Airport is suitable for all types of aircraft movements; (b) Low land use prices. The initial rent price of the settled enterprises is 3,306 rubles per hectare per year, the purchase price is 165,000 rubles per hectare (much lower than the 14.3 million rubles in Moscow); (iii) Tax incentives. The profit tax paid by the company to enter the company is 2% (outside the district is 20%) and it is exempted from land tax and property tax. The personal income tax is 7.15% (55% of the individual income tax outside the district) and the preferential period is 8 years. (4) The labor cost is low, which is about half of the Moscow City. (5) The customs procedures and administrative management are simple and quick. The SAR-China-China investor has settled in the SAR and has built a China Commodity Distribution Center, a bonded warehouse, an exhibition center, and a business center. Interested parties to contact us. 2. Russia's food producer plans to seek out Chinese food equipment manufacturers and introduce processing equipment for potato chips. If you need cooperation, please contact our company. Contact: Mr. Chen Mobile: 13906105139 Office:0511-85033918 Email: QQ:21987448 Fax:0511-85033039