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British company related economic and trade information

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British company related economic and trade information

1. A British company wants to import adhesive tape for automobiles from China. This is a double-sided adhesive tape. The main raw material is high-pressure polyurethane (PU) or PE high-pressure foam with a thickness of 0.8 or 1.2 mm and an acrylic resin. This tape is mainly used for automotive exterior and rubber door sealing. 2. BP intends to sell its wind power business and focus on its main business. According to the British “Financial Times” report, BP will sell US wind power business, with a valuation of US$1.5 billion, in order to continue to shrink renewable energy and focus on the core oil and gas business. Wind power is one of BP's largest renewable energy businesses. BP is a large US wind power company with 2,600 megawatts of capacity in nine states. It has been expanding rapidly before, and a new wind farm was built at the end of last year. BP executives once said that wind power and natural gas have a synergistic effect, but the company now decided to sell wind power to create greater value for shareholders. If the sale goes well, BP's alternative energy sector will leave only biodiesel and some research projects. BP has already abandoned other renewable and low-carbon energy projects, withdrawn from solar energy and abandoned its investment in carbon capture and storage technology. 3. Genus UK will strengthen its investment in China. Genus Group, which is engaged in animal genetics technology in the United Kingdom, is strengthening the expansion of the Chinese market and plans to establish a number of joint ventures to improve China's pig breeding technology. Genus, Hampshire, England, provides bovine sperm for farmers who produce dairy products and beef. At the same time, pig breeds are provided for farmers on commercial pig farms. The company is a constituent company of the FTSE 250 Index of the London Stock Exchange. The company recently disclosed its second joint venture company in China, and emphasized that in the next three years, it will also open two or three joint ventures in China each year, focusing on partners whose quality and strategy are consistent with the joint venture. The company's most recent joint venture partner is Shennong Agriculture Group from Yunnan Province, which involves 65% of the shares, equivalent to 2.7 million pounds, and investment in raising 1000 pigs. Genus’s expansion was based on an investment of 8.7 million pounds last year. It has built a farm with 4,500 breeding pigs with Benxiang Food Group. Ben Pig Food's joint venture pig breeds have nearly twice the average output of pigs in China. The success of the joint venture promoted the emergence of other follow-up investment transactions. If you need cooperation, please contact the company. Contact: Mr. Chen Mobile: 13906105139 Office:0511-85033918 Email: QQ:21987448 Fax:0511-85033039