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A German mold manufacturing company plans to sell 10% of its shares

Business Scope

A German mold manufacturing company plans to sell 10% of its shares

The company is a leading German automotive foundry model and mold manufacturer with a business scale in the top five globally. Its core competitiveness: the design and manufacture of complex automotive engine blocks, cylinder heads, automotive chassis and their safety systems. The company's business is consulting-intensive and has high engineering, production and service capabilities. Its engineering productivity extends to different materials such as grey cast iron, cast steel, light metal castings or plastics, and various casting processes such as sand and metal types. Business areas: cast steel and plastic core molds designed for pre-production and mass production; metal mold castings for different casting processes and equipment; research and development of synchronous and reverse engineering; establishment of the principle of tissue parts and the establishment of parametric molds, including Optimized model schematic concepts, simulations, analysis and research; automated and controlled processing systems and dedicated machine R&D. The company's technological advantage lies in the mastery of molds and accessories from steel ingots to final products and the entire industrial chain for the production of aluminum and grey cast iron machines. The customer includes most of the world-renowned internal and external castings for cylinder castings. Due to changes in the company's shareholders and the resulting changes in corporate structure, it is intended to sell the company.
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