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PKC Group plans to invest in China

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PKC Group plans to invest in China

The PKC Group is a well-known automotive parts and electronics company headquartered in Finland. It is a joint stock company listed on Nasdaq Helsinki in Finland and has a market value of more than $72 billion. The products involve the professional design, production and after-sales service of various kinds of wire harnesses, cables and electronic components. The main industries are the wire harness and electronic business segments. Bixus Group has production plants in Finland, Brazil, China, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the United States. The group is developing a Chinese expansion plan to develop China's truck and bus market. It plans to cooperate with domestic top-notch e-car companies or auto parts companies, establish joint ventures or cooperative enterprises, or acquire mergers and acquisitions of auto parts companies of the same type, if interested Jiangsu For automotive electronic parts companies (companies with a sales volume of over 500 million yuan), please contact us. If you need cooperation, please contact our company. Contact: Mr. Chen Mobile: 13906105139 Office:0511-85033918 Email: QQ:21987448 Fax:0511-85033039