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Thanks to be with you, welcome retired old employee representatives "coming home"


Thanks to be with you, welcome retired old employee representatives "coming home"

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March 3, 2017, the company organized retired old staff to visit the new building and had a seminar, in this event, five retired leaders, old staff (Fu Ming, Zhou Zhuquan, Tang Zhenghua, Tao Hui, Fan Qinshen) and two veterans who have retired but still continue to offer service to the company (Xu Jianguo, Fang Yaoxiang) attended the seminar.

At 4:30 pm, the old staff first visited the company's new office building, and then held a seminar in the company's first conference room, the company's general manager Mr.Chen Jiahui, deputy general manager Mr.Tao Zhixiang, chief engineer Mr.Huang Kewu, general manager assistant Mr.Guo Feng participated in it.

General Manager Mr.Chen Jiahui first welcomed the old employees "coming home" on behalf of the company, expressed thanks to them for their years’ service and caring of the company, and introduced current status and future development plan, described business distribution and market conditions right now, and hoped the old staff, as always, concern about the development of the company, offer advice and suggestions for the development of the company.

The old employees expressed their gratitude for the development of the company in recent years, wishing the company will continue to inherit the company tradition for so many years, glow new vitality, achieve more vigorous development.

This event reflects the company has been advocating a people-oriented culture of harmony, we hope all the company employees will take the company as their own home, honor sharing, risk sharing, and constantly enhance the self-owned sense of belonging.