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CZICC Held a Series of Activities for the 30th Anniversary of the English Speech Contest


CZICC Held a Series of Activities for the 30th Anniversary of the English Speech Contest

In order to further enrich the corporate culture, improve the staff's foreign language level and speech ability, provide the company's staff with the opportunity and stage to show themselves and improve themselves, so as to create and cultivate the staff's enthusiasm for English learning and enhance their English application skills. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment, the company decided to organize and carry out the English speech contest of "striving to build a dream for the future". This competition is divided into two parts: the preliminary translation test and the final.


After the intensive preliminary translation test on January 15, the speech contest entered the final stage on January 18. Li Jingkai, general manager of the company, Xu Jianguo and Chen Jiahui, directors, and Yang Donglin, Tao Zhixiang and Guo Feng, deputy general managers, attended and presented awards to the winning professional and non-professional team members.


The 15 employees who participated in the final, combined with their personal experience and feelings, carefully selected topics and carefully prepared. The topics include "one belt, one road to create a destiny community between new China and the old", "comparison between Germany and China," "home school education", "the world of Zhenjiang," "my life in South America", "the Spring Festival" of the German, Christmas, etc., or the players are excited or estrange. The angle expresses the praise and blessing to the motherland, hometown, and the company. Most of the contestants who participated in this speech contest have been living in foreign countries for a long time. In the speech, they are full of deep friendship for the motherland and the company, showing the positive and enterprising spirit of the company's employees. The whole game was brilliant, and there was constant applause. After fierce competition, the contestants stand out. Wu Lei, Liu Peng, and Shang Qingjia won the first, second and third professional teams respectively. Wang Yingjiao, Su jiebin and Shen Zouhuan won the first, second and third non-professional teams.


Li Jingkai, one of the judges and general manager of the company, said in the summary comments after the competition that the competition was closely related to the theme of "striving to build a dream for the future". The contestants showed a high level of speech, which was a competition of language, wisdom, eloquence, and feelings. He hoped that the company's employees, especially overseas employees, will strengthen their language learning. In addition to learning English, they will also learn German, French, Spanish and other languages. At the same time, he encouraged young employees of the company to accelerate their growth into compound talents, to take the initiative and to create better achievements on the development platform of the company's business.