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The 2019 Overseas Engineering Winter Annual Meeting and End of Year Summary Meeting of CZICC was Held Successfully


The 2019 Overseas Engineering Winter Annual Meeting and End of Year Summary Meeting of CZICC was Held Successfully

From January 15 to January 17, 2020, the company's "2019 Annual Winter Meeting of Overseas Projects" was successfully held in the meeting room of the multifunctional hall on the 19th floor of the company. Li Hongbao, chairman of the board of directors, Xu Jianguo, Chen Jiahui, Li Jingkai, general manager, Yang Donglin, deputy general manager, Tao Zhixiang, Guo Feng, heads of overseas agencies and departments of the company attended the meeting.

This meeting is centered on the theme of "reform and innovation, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, efficiency improvement and income increase". At first, the overseas agencies reported the completion of the target responsibility statement in 2019 and then made full exchanges and discussions on the department responsibilities after the structural adjustment of the company, the standardized management of the overseas agencies of the company, and the development and operation of overseas markets, especially localized markets.

On the morning of January 18, 2020, the company's 2019 annual summary meeting was held in the multi-functional hall on the 19th floor. The heads of all departments and offices of the company successively reported their work and Chen Jiahui, the director of the company, summarized and reviewed the main achievements and work of the company in 2019.


Later, Li Jingkai, general manager of the company, made a speech on the work plan and objectives of the company in 2020. In 2020, the company will continue to pay close attention to management, improve performance and assessment level, improve the risk control ability of the company, continue to introduce professional and technical personnel, and create a harmonious corporate culture. We hope that all the staff will unite, operate and expand to realize the new leap forward development of the company.


Mr. Li Hongbao, chairman of the company, summarized that in 2019, with the joint efforts of all the employees of the company, the company had completed all the target tasks set at the beginning of the year. In 2020, the company will continue to carry out relevant work around the theme of "innovation and reform". The chairman of the board of directors respectively put forward the work requirements and expectations on the specific requirements of reform and innovation, the company's employment mechanism, the reform of salary assessment system, the company's brand building, cost control, institutional adjustment, and the operation and management of overseas companies, hoping that all employees can improve their sense of competition and crisis, and work together to continuously improve the company's core competitiveness.