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The 30th-anniversary celebration of Zhenjiang International Company (CZICC)


The 30th-anniversary celebration of Zhenjiang International Company (CZICC)

On January 19, 2020, the 30th-anniversary celebration of Zhenjiang International was held in Jiuhua Jinjiang International Hotel. Li Hongbao, chairman of the board of directors, Xu Jianguo and Chen Jiahui, Li Jingkai, director and general manager, Yang Donglin, Tao Zhixiang, and Guo Feng, deputy general managers, retired leaders, representatives of retired employees and some employees and their families gathered to share the company's 30-year development achievements.

In the morning, the company prepared a number of leisure activities, such as chess and card, billiards, table tennis, swimming, etc., with the participation of employees and their families. After enjoying the buffet in the afternoon, all employees, retired leaders, and retired employees took a big group photo, recording this memorable historical moment with video.


At 13:58 p.m., a lively and exciting section of Shangqi kicked off the celebration of 30th-anniversary with art performance. The lively atmosphere was ignited by the drama series, which added infinite fun to the celebration, and also received thunderous applause and lingering praise.


After the performance, Mr. Li Hongbao, chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Fu Ming, retired leader, and Mr. Li Jingkai, general manager of the company, took the stage respectively to review the past and look forward to the future. With the efforts of all employees, the company is expected to achieve a new leap forward development in the near future.


Later, in order to thank the colleagues and teams who have been contributing to the development of the company for 30 years, this ceremony presented many awards, such as outstanding contribution award, lifetime Honor Award, etc. different awards are the recognition of each winner's efforts, which is a symbol of honor and responsibility.


The dinner was also brilliant. The directors joined hands to cut the cake and sing the birthday song together. The interesting lottery and interactive links ignited the excitement of all the people and brought more surprises.


Thirty years of ups and downs, thirty years of inheritance and leaps, thirty years of hand in hand, inseparable from the efforts of all employees, and also inseparable from the support and trust of family members. They jointly witnessed the footprint and progress of Zhenjiang International Company growth. Zhenjiang International Company will not forget its original intention and mission, work hand in hand to create a brilliant future.