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Zhenjiang International Corporation (CZICC) Organized a Six-day Tour to Thailand Successfully


Zhenjiang International Corporation (CZICC) Organized a Six-day Tour to Thailand Successfully

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    In order to promote the corporate culture of Zhenjiang International Corporation (CZICC), enhance team cohesion and stimulate employees'enthusiasm for work, and as one of the company's 30th anniversary activities, the company organized two groups of employees to Thailand for a six-day holiday in early and mid-July.

    During this trip, we organized you to visit the Jade Buddha Temple of the Grand Palace and Zhenguo Zhibao, to experience the Thai ancient massage, to board the Pattaya cruise boat, to play on the island by speedboat, to experience the Siamese customs - to visit the Mekong River by long-tail boat, to ride the Ruixiang in the jungle, to visit and taste various tropical fruits, and so on, so that you can temporarily relieve the tiredness of daily work and relax your feelings. It combines the charm of eastern and Western cultural cities.

    This activity enriches the staff's knowledge, strengthens the communication between departments and employees at home and abroad, makes the relationship between Zhenjiang International family more harmonious, and better improves the cohesion of enterprises.