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CZICC Winter Engineering Annual Meeting and Annual Summary Meeting in 2018


CZICC Winter Engineering Annual Meeting and Annual Summary Meeting in 2018

    From January 23 to January 25, 2019, the company's "2018 Annual Meeting of Overseas Engineering" was successfully held in the conference room of the multi-function hall on the 19th floor. Chairman of the Board Li Hongbao, General Manager Chen Jiahui, Director Xu Jianguo, Executive Vice Director Li Jingkai, Deputy General Manager Yang Donglin, Tao Zhixiang, Chief Engineer Huang Kewu, Chief Assistant Guo Feng, Head of Overseas Related Projects, Heads of Company Departments, etc. attended the meeting.

    The conference focused on the theme of “Standardizing Management, Pioneering and Innovating, Forge Ahead”. The meeting first reported the completion status of the 2018 project target in each project department, and then the contents which include standardized management of the company's overseas projects, overseas markets, especially localized markets, the pioneering operation and other aspects were fully exchanged and discussed.

    On the morning of January 26, 2019, the company's 2018 annual summary meeting was held in the multi-function hall on the 19th floor. The heads of various departments and overseas project managers report on their works. The general manager of the company, Chen Jiahui, announced the list of recruitment of middle and high-level employees in 2019. Then he summarized and looked back the main achievements and main work of the company in 2018, analyzed deeply the problems in the work, proposed the solutions, and made the arrangements for the work in 2019.

    At the end of the meeting, the company's chairman Li Hongbao said that in 2018, through the joint efforts of all the staff of the company, the company has completed various indicators setting at the beginning of the year. The steady growth of the company's yearly benefit is inseparable from everyone's efforts, and Mr Li expressed gratitude to all employees, especially overseas employees. In 2019, he hoped that through the efforts of all employees and the company's future top-level planning, policy support, cultural atmosphere, etc., the company will continue to enhance her core competitiveness, expand her scale, strengthen her business, and realize her purpose of “creating value for the owner, creating wealth for the employee, creating benefits for the society.”